Hunger #1

Written by: Joshua Hale Fliakov
Art by: Leonard Kirk

The end is now! Hunger has surely delivered on the start of what just may be the end of the Ultimate Universe as we know it. Joshua Fliakov has really made a cosmic tale worth getting excited for. Not only do you have the Kree and Chitauri at war with each other, but now they face a newly powered Galactus as well who even just as the swarm gave them all a run for their money.

Seeing this story unfold from Rick Jones’ perspective is what made this fun because he is very different from the Rick we know from the 616 Universe. He may be just as brash as the Rick we know, but he is also younger, not all too accustomed to heroics, and actually cares about having a real life again. This is something he was not prepared for and his dialogue with The Watcher was well done because this Watcher is a bit more active and probably a bit more stubborn as well seeing how he controls Rick. It’s funny to see him so rebellious even when faced with such circumstances.

The war between the Chitauri and the Kree I find to be interesting because it really is the first time that we have seen them in a long time and since the Avengers movie, it’s also cool to see them with a little personality as well. They are just as stubborn as the Kree and even more so when they wouldn’t even work with the Kree to stop the Gah Lak Tus swarm.

With Galactus’s arrival in the Ultimate Universe you would question why he would be as much of a threat as he appears to be, and the twist they threw in makes you realize why. It’s one thing to face one version of him, but two combined? You might as well already start packing before he catches you in his sights.

Again it delivers on the start of what could be the end. Not much hope when you have to face a combo of the greatest force to roam the galaxy. Fliakov didn’t waste time and went straight into this story knowing it’s part one of a four-part series, pacing and all was done well to introduce those involved. The art style as well really fit that cosmic setting. Most notable the use of light colors. Honestly if you thought the Ultimate Universe was running out of steam, or had nothing else to offer, you’d be so wrong if you don’t pick up this book.

Score: 8.5/10