Ultimate X-Men #29

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Alvaro Martinez

World War indeed it has become. This is the transition I hoped for after the conclusion of the last story arc. With Jean so hurt after the citizens of Utopia threw her out you just knew that she wasn’t through with them. Woods has really created that atmosphere where these mutants never can truly live in peace. And that’s what we like to see from them as well because mutants overcome many obstacles for freedom.

It’s a nice change in pace to see how far Jean will go to make Tian the official mutant homeland. It’s not only a war for who knows best for mutantkind, but one of pride between Jean and Kitty. Wood has done well to make those aspects of their characters shine most throughout their many struggles to this point. Now neither one are willing to give in because of how they want to be perceived as leaders.

Continued intensity and still remains to go off track for even a second. Ultimate X-Men is one book that you hope to continue to strive when most believe their world to be coming to an end. In fact you appreciate this book more when you see how concentrated their world is that what goes on around them isn’t really as important than their internal conflicts. This war has only become and you already feel the animosity brewing between everyone.

Score: 8.3/10