Catwoman #22

Written by: Ann Nocenti
Art by: Rafa Sandoval

Can I say that I’m satisfied with the direction of Catwoman at the moment? Not to say the least, it could be better. There are too many moments right now which I find myself thinking “is this it?” rather than feeling anxious for the next issue. Where I could read this and say that Nocenti get’s Catwoman, that just is not the case right now because others seem to be doing a better job when this story arc is being dragged out.

I really wish I could like the story right now, but I feel as though it’s dragging on. Where Nocenti had my attention when this conflict started between Catwoman and Penguin, I now feel as though I’m bored and want her to move on to something that I feel fits her character more. In general I get that feeling as though the heroic or anti-hero role is being forced on Selina and there has to be something or some situation she can ben put in that feels natural. Other books in which she teams up with others feel more convincing right now and that is saying something. Maybe she just can’t hold her own story, who knows.

With that said the one problem I do find that seems to become consistent is the narration. It’s okay when Catwoman catches herself in a fight or doing a heist, but too much time is taken with her talking to herself. It just takes away from the story and makes me rush through to move on to something worth reading.

So like I said before, it could be better. Not to say it’s bad, but this isn’t a book I would continue to read in hopes of it getting better when better hasn’t come in a long time. Something interesting may come next issue though I couldn’t keep my hopes up for it even if I wanted to.

Score: 7.3/10