Justice League Dark #22

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Mikel Janin

The lines have been drawn in the sand. It seems like everyone has their motivations and they are now acting upon them. Lemire has really created a situation where all the heroes involved really show where they stand right now. Either their loyalties, feelings about one another, or what really matters to them when faced with a decision that really affects them. It was surprising to see how hostile most became towards each other because since the start many of their stories, it seems that their reactions are the product of something that built up over time and Lemire took the opportunity to let them be open and bring those feelings to the surface.

Constantine I think really stands out in this storyline because just like every situation he is playing the opportunist. Taking advantage of the situation everyone else finds themselves in and only worries about what he may possibly get out of it. In this case, either SHAZAM’s powers or something greater.

The only thing that disappoints me so far is knowing that no matter who thinks they’re right or whose in the right, they’re all losing. As the guy speaking to Xanadu said, it is a lost fight from the start and you can see this as no one really knows what is going on and getting what they want will ultimately lead to their defeat. Not too much of an issue, but it’s something which distracts when you know the end result and that’s in your face.

As the Justice League’s introduction to this conflict you really see how important magic is and what kind of mysteries it creates. Nothing is as it seems and that is what makes this exciting. You never know what to expect when they are involved and while we know the end result it’s nice to know we can expect something to still surprise us in between.

Score: 8.7/10