Young Avengers #8 Review

Young Avengers #8

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Jamie Mckelvie

The hunt for Patriot begins. This has to be one of the most obscure issues I have seen in a while, and that’s saying something. Kieron Gillen really went somewhere new with this issue because while I spent a lot of time at the very beginning going “what?”, it was still exciting nonetheless because of their reactions to the worlds around them.

Normally when you think of jumping dimensions to find someone who you would just run into the most scary worlds. But this, this was just twisted, and in a good way. Instead of just looking for shock, Gillen created worlds in which played off of each of them as an individual. I was personally happy to see Leah again. Whether we can say these worlds are real enough that it’s really her is unknown, but that is just one character we haven’t seen in a long while who you’d want to join their ranks and possibly create more entertaining moments with Loki.

And then we have Prodigy, that really came out of nowhere. I really don’t know how to react to this, but it’s definitely something worth following to the next issue. I guess you can say it’s sudden because he really had shown no signs of interest towards anyone up to this point and it’s hard to tell whether it’s just him having no regrets in what could be their final moments unless they are rescued.

Young Avengers still remains that go to book if you are looking for something fun. Not just because of Loki’s humor which is very humorous, but because Gillen manages to surprise you consistently. This issue should have surprised many and we can only follow what happens here and hope it’s something we can understand. Well we should also want to see if Teddy can understand because he is probably more shocked than we could be knowing he’s still in a relationship.

Score: 8.8/10