Batman The Dark Knight #22 Review

Batman The Dark Knight #22

Written by: Greg Hurwitz
Art by: Alex Maleev

Looks like Clayface has stepped up his game. For once he’s actually becoming a pain in the ass and when everyone is on edge after recent events and tragedies, it’s easy to see how someone like him can give them that push.

Though the opportunity was great to explore more of how Bruce is still broken, it felt as if it’s the same reaction that I’ve seen in other books. Someone speaks sense to him and then he dismisses their help as if he knows what’s best for him, and he obviously doesn’t. I mean there’s no problem with pressing that issue, just depends on where it takes him when it counts most. On the flip side it is appreciated to see how resourceful commissioner Gordon can be when he has to be. This is actually the side of him I’ve wanted to see for a while and glad it is something Greg Hurwitz is taking the time to show.

Overall there’s not much I can really say about this issue. I was expecting a lot more from this and it kept me wanting when I was through.The grim style of the book fit for a villain like Clayface, but right now things are too subtle for me to have enjoyed this as I thought I would. The next issue does show that the pace may pick up as he makes his move against Clayface, so we can only hope that it actually does.

Score: 7.4/10