Green Hornet #4

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Ronilson Freire

It was a solid issue in which Reid deals mostly with the political side of his life. Can’t say that I find myself all too caring for that or him trying to run for mayor, but aside from that it’s still good for what it is. It’s the kind of person he is that Mark Waid makes sure to play off of that. Him becoming the mayor now adds a new element to the story because now you’d expect him to have to work around that and probably take advantage of this new position of authority.

Kato was the one redeemable part of this issue when the political side of things fell flat for me because of him taking on Voice’s guys and then taking him away. Not sure what he did to Crawford to make him break down and confess. Though I am pretty confused as to why it seems that he and Reid aren’t on the same side. Could have missed something but both felt a bit out of character at that time.

Aside from anything I have said in terms of lack of interest, the story still has layers to it which are worth sticking with to explore. The gentlemen who have been pushing for Reid to run for mayor seem to have a hidden agenda which draws you back in. At this point you just want to know what everyone’s motivations are and just what their end game is.

Score: 7.9/10