The Bounce #3

Written by: Joe Casey
Art by: David Messina

This was….. different. I wish I knew what to say about this but when I first picked up this book I never expected to be met with things I just could not comprehend. Not to say that’s bad, but just wow. Well the upside is that Joe Casey has finally taken the story in a direction in which things start to make sense. Giving us answers instead of more questions.

As I have said before, this story has potential if you stick with it and luckily we didn’t have to wait long to finally get what’s going on in this story. Now we know what Jasper’s powers are, what his motivations are, and just how important his character is to this story. Now we can only hope to figure out what exactly that world is that Jasper found himself in when that guy gave him the “fog”.

The conflict between Jasper and his brother is entertaining to say the least because of how much they dislike each other. Always tension between them when they are in the same room and you know that Jasper is always willing to push his buttons for a laugh. Then you also have the debate between them as to whether it’s right to be a vigilante. Something expected to be addressed in a story like this.

This story proves to be just as mature as Joe Casey has said it is. For most of this issue things were pretty settle, as settle as they can get, and then the next thing you know people are being battered and torn in half by a new powered guy who looks like a monster. The best thing to come out of this situation is seeing Jasper jump into action and the way he did definitely reminds you of Spider-Man.

Score: 8.2/10