Guardians of The Galaxy #5

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Sarah Pichelli

Angela has made her presence known in the Marvel Universe and she’s out for blood. I think Guardians was the best way to officially introduce Angela because not only does the issue at hand deal with space and time, but it is the best way to tie in everything occurring at this moment while helping us understand it better.

I feel that Guardians is one of those books where you can never just name one good moment. There’s quite a few moments that are worth pointing out. The funny exchanges between Rocket and Tony as he is introduced to more of what the galaxy has to offer him in a techno-logic capacity. The awkward moments between Tony and Gamora. Seeing Mantis after so long and liking her new look. And Drax just being Drax. And must I say the fight between Gamora and Angela which I have been anticipating since the first announced she’d make her debut in Guardians. All things worth pointing out and together they make Guardians one of the most fun books of Marvel NOW! at this moment.

As I said before I liked that the plot is now clear. Not just for Guardians but Avengers and New Avengers as well. All tying in to Trinity, Hunger, Inhumanity, and more. There have been subtle pokes at the tears in space-time, but none like this which I really appreciated since many have not the slightest clue as to what to expect.Seeing Thanos as someone who has a part in what’s to come wasn’t surprising, but his motivations were which made things make sense.

Score: 8.6/10