What If AvX #4

Written by: Jimmy Palmoitti
Art by: Gerardo Sandoval

Well that was certainly….what if. I have to say I’m a bit confused with how this series ended. I’m happy because of how different it was from the original story, but the end just has me baffled on how I should react to it as a whole.

Standing against the original story you can say that both gave you something the other couldn’t offer. The different perspectives Now as to what baffled me, the ending felt kinda rushed and random. I have no idea where Jean came from or why Wolverine was the only survivor when Hulk was one of the few standing as well. I was sure some of them couldn’t be defeated that easily and the change to good Phoenix was pretty sudden as well. Just that moment all together seemed random.

While not a big fan of the artist change after the first issue, I can still appreciate how the violent side of this what if story is illustrated.

For a What If story, and one of which we haven’t gotten in a long while, I can say this was satisfying. It took a different route, Jimmy Palmoitti didn’t pull any punches involving losses of either X-Men or Avengers either. When presented with this kind of twist of a story you always want to toy with the impossible and that is what happened here. I did not see many things coming even though I was aware of the intentions. Sure much of it was for shock value, though I expect no less. Solid issue for a conclusion.

Score: 8.0/10