Batgirl #23

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Fernando Pasarin

The start of Wanted, the last thing Barbara would have liked to see herself as. Commissioner Gordon is on the move and the city is shaken up because of it. Of course she doesn’t really know she’s wanted, but that just adds to the suspense of her reaction when she finds out this is all to bring her down.

It’s amazing how much layer Gail has added to this story to this point. You have Barbara dealing with her life and life as Batgirl. Commissioner Gordon dealing with the loss of James and hunting down Batgirl. Ricky dealing with trying to turn his life around, and Knightfall who seems to be that thorn in everyone’s side whether she knows it or not. It’s a very emotional situation that everyone finds themselves in and all their actions influence each other. That’s what I like to see from key players in a story. They have a connection and make you believe what they are going through.

While you find the tone very grim, it’s actually the type of atmosphere that shows what Barbara is really capable of. Gail took advantage of the stage she set and allowed Barbara the chance to show her strengths when her back is against the wall. This is something known to all Bat fans that it’s when they are at their most dangerous, Batgirl being no exception. And then when you add to the fact that this is a point where she’s at her most vulnerable and the execution is just brilliant. That is especially when she ends up losing not just James(supposedly), but now Ricky.

This issue is one that shows you why Batgirl is one book you should be reading. If not for the story which Gail handles exceptionally well, but the art as well which I have come to appreciate. The coloring and inking very clean in the beginning and changed to match the situation Barbara and Ricky found themselves towards the end. This isn’t even mentioning the beautiful cover art seen above.

Score: 9.5/10