Constantine #6

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Renato Guedes

Just can’t keep this man down, Constantine proves to be able to pull off the impossible. Not once, not twice, but for a third time he has cheated death. If not for his importance to the world of magic he would have been a dead man long ago.

I have to say that I was a bit let down by the sound of what seemed like something more detrimental to Constantine. What was to be expected was that Constantine would face those he has stepped on and used to get where he is now. And he only was confronted by Chris who was just a manipulated tool. I wanted to see him take some responsibility even if for just one thing he has done to make the people who died for him hold a grudge. It was a missed opportunity to add a little bit of depth to his character, maybe a bit of humility. Sure it’s out of character, but everyone has their moments and this seemed like a missed moment for him.

Aside from this is was a well enough build up to what will make things go from bad to worse for John. We all know he has a thing for mystic artifacts and likes to keep them in his possession. Now that they are in the hands of someone who has nothing good to do with them, he’s now in a world of trouble. Just about anything can happen and there aren’t many he can turn to in this situation. Especially when Trinity War is occurring at the same time. Decent issue, but that’s all it really was because his death and obvious resurrection fell flat.

Score: 7.6/10