Suicide Squad #23 Review

Suicide Squad #23

Written by: Ales Kot
Art by: Rick Leonardi

Technically it’s a new start as Harley and Deadshot. Things are looking better for the Suicide Squad, even if they are still stuck doing the things they do. Ales Kot yet again shows the team dynamic and why they are one of the best incarnations of the team.

While I did feel that the story almost fell flat at the beginning, halfway it picked up and I found myself enjoying it. The one thing I like more when reading Suicide Squad is when the actual team is in action. That is the one part of this book that stays on track. Not only was there humor in it, but it played on a lot of their strengths as individuals. That’s all you could ask for when it comes to a team of killers. Ales Kot doesn’t pull any punches and what you get is over-the-top action which is usually executed well enough to keep you drawn in.

Harley breaking the fourth wall was something I did not expect to see from Ales. It’s actually something I’d actually like to see more from Harley in this story arc. We know Suicide Squad to be a book that is serious, and yet it doesn’t take itself all too seriously when she is the star of the book. Of course the execution was a bit off given that it was something unexpected from her, but is still funny all the same.

The one problem with this issue is the change of artists. I felt that many panels looked off and it was very distracting when it wasn’t all too appealing. Not everything looked bad, but too much which made it look inconsistent. That is a problem when it was something I could usually compliment about the book.

Score: 7.8/10