Nightwing #23

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Will Conrad

Things are reaching their boiling point in this issue. We get the fallout of the Prankster’s recent act and Nightwing deals with this on top the urgency to do so before the city tears itself apart.

This is definitely something different from Nightwing knowing the environment you usually see him in. This is somewhere new, with a whole new set of rules, including the unlawful acts of anyone with a mask. The city is run by a corrupt mayor and it’s because of this corruption that someone like the Prankster is taking the law into his own hands to start this riot. It makes the story chaotic, and that is why you’d find this engaging knowing that anything can happen.

I’m in between on the humor at the beginning. I’m split between liking it because it flowed with the action sequence, but at the same time I was wondering if he should’ve been taking what he was doing at that moment a bit seriously. But then again, it was still entertaining given there was no real danger. So I liked the humorous side we saw to Dick because it shows that this can be as funny as it is serious.

Overall it was a good issue with a consistent build up to the final showdown which we can expect in the upcoming issue. Kyle Higgins has been able to throw Nightwing in the unlikeliest situations and that itself has spawned an exciting adventure. The art is smooth, the coloring is vibrant with a subtle use of highlights to make the characters stand out, and it’s just very detailed. This is just the best transition you could have asked for of Nightwing when he left Gotham.

Score: 8.1/10