Avengers Arena #13 Review

Avengers Arena #13

Written by: Christos Cage
Art by: Karl Moline

The loose ends have been cut. For 12 issues now this story has kept on track, and now we finally get to see what happens behind the scenes. Some might have preferred it happened sooner than now, but seeing as this is what leads into Boss Level, this was the best conceivable transition towards it.

Cutting loose ends to the outside world was a smart move on Christos Cage’s part. No matter how good the story is or is getting, you will always wonder why no one is looking for them. This is not only just to show that Arcade is serious about this, but it shows that those in the game only have themselves to depend on if they want to survive. It was great to get back to that relationship the Avengers Academy students had with the Runaways because after everything Pym went through to see if there was actually something wrong, it was only his connection to them that could have really set off an alarm.

While I’m happy that there is a devotion to keep the game on track without the interference of the outside world who worry about the contestants, I did feel as though we could have at least kept them somewhat suspicious instead of killing it all at once. But even so, like I said it keeps the story on track and we should want the focus to be on those in the game considering the number that are still alive.

While nothing big to transition Avengers Arena into Boss Level, it was a solid issue that addressed something about the story plot which made all the difference about its direction going into the next story arc. Loose ends were cut on Arcade’s end and with that out-of-the-way, the game can continue. The art in this issue was much better, something I would have preferred to see during any of the previous issues.

Score: 8.1/10