Lose your mind with Shadow of the Eternals new Sanity Systems Video

Precursor Games has released a new video showcasing Shadow of the Eternals’ “Sanity System.” The new features are designed to be a call back to some of the more interesting insanity mechanics featured in the original Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

The video features commentary by Precursor Games’ COO Shawn Jackson, who discusses a number of interesting possibilities set forth by the sanity system, including the ability to reach previously inaccessible areas by purposefully allowing your sanity to drain away. The concept certainly looks interesting, and could potentially be a nice homage for fans of the original cult classic.

Shadow of the Eternals has currently raised more than $259,000 of its lofty $750,000 dollar goal. However, with only 8 days left until the Kickstarter ends, only time will tell if the title will see a successful release.

You can check out the full video below, and be sure to let us know what you think about the “Sanity System” features in the comments.