Wonder Woman #23

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang

This was a very powerful issue, not just because we see powerhouses taking swings at each other. When they said GodDown, you surely would have expected that was to be Firstborn or just anyone else other than who was standing in that room, but that was not the case and the execution of this was amazing.

Between the mythology of the Amazons and the Olympians, I can’t say which really gets me more excited when Brian Azzarello explores what makes them special. The most bone chilling part being War as he summoned his army to face down Firstborn’s “family”. The way he explained how similar these warriors are similar to Wonder Woman’s sisters. It’s not about power, but how you live. I felt that event though there was so much blood spilled, you were never really focusing on the action and that is what you can appreciate. The dialogue between War and Wonder Woman was so engaging that you actually forget what is going on around you till that sense of urgency kicks in.

The best thing about this issue and story, is the underlying themes which have been spread throughout. Humility, restraint, family, honor, love. All these things had an influence on the progression of this conflict and they were very defining to everyone involved. It was amazing to see Wonder Woman let loose on Firstborn, fail, and see that power does not beat power. As powerful as any of these characters were involved in this arc, you would forget that they have the status of a god because they are shown as human. Having flaws, weakness, things that you could relate to knowing how down to Earth it is.

The cliffhanger at the end was smart knowing that Firstborn’s fate is no in question and so is Wonder Woman’s.

This was an epic tale of storytelling which I think many books out there should mimic. There’s no need for something over-the-top, or just there for shock. Wonder Woman has found that balance which breeds consistent quality that you just can’t ignore. This is one book from the New 52 that you have to be reading at this moment.

Score: 9.4/10