Thor God of Thunder #12 Review

Thor God of Thunder #12

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Nic Klein

After the events of GodBomb, you couldn’t ask for a more genuine transition back into something normal. This was a side of Thor that we had seen established during Avengers when he started to buddy with Hyperion. Jason Aaron has done the one thing which many tend to fail to accomplish when dealing with gods. He has shown what it means to be a god and the burden that they carry despite having all said powers and gifts.

Here we see what happens when you have lived a lifetime, met so many people and made a lasting impression which they could never forget. You always see Thor in action, always out there saving the day, but what about when he’s not doing any of that? That is what we have always needed to see and Jason handled that magnificently. Nothing hurts a god more than failing those closest to them or never returning to those who would sure pass before their eyes over time. He has matured a lot over the years as a person and since the start of Marvel NOW!, that is the impression that Thor has given me. This book and this issue has captured all of that in a tale worth reading.

Getting back to Jane Foster was the highlight of this issue. Very glad that everything involving Donald Blake has been forgotten in this new story of Thor. I feel that the bond between someone like Thor and someone like Jane is more convincing when he is someone she cannot comprehend in terms of having status as a god. It really had shown her strength as an individual which is something I felt really made her unique, something admirable when standing next to a god.

I can only hope to see more stories about Thor in this tone. Not sure if something like this could be consistent, but it’s something you appreciate when he’s not out there bashing skulls with his hammer. Gods are gods, but seeing what makes them like every other being in existence is enlightening. Normally after something as big as a 10 which the conclusion to GodBomb was, you’d expect something weaker, but this still gets to you. This is another reason why Thor God of Thunder should be on your pull list

Score: 10/10