Young Avengers #9 Review

Young Avengers #9

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Jamie McKelvie

For the time being, the chaos that Mother brought has now passed. I find myself relieved yet a bit disappointed that it couldn’t come to an end. It was great when the parasite was really a threat, but since the Young Avengers first slipped out of her grasp, she hasn’t given them that sense of urgency to solve the issue faster.

I liked the adventure of the different dimensions that they were hoping through. It gave some depth as to what they could be doing at this moment which could influence the future. These worlds and different versions of them were very creative and the possibilities that came with them were unique. Created some possible scenarios down the road and put into question some of their capabilities. Even if it was all a wild goose chase, that was what kept the story from falling flat. The unpredictability of it all was the draw in.

The meeting with Leah I found to be somewhat short-lived. If only because there was no emphasis on what her connection really was to Loki. He somewhat told the truth about her, but it never came into question about trusting him over what he could have possibly done for her to end up in a world like that.

Good enough finish to this storyline though I felt it could have been better. It was rushed and I just didn’t feel that same fun vibe that the book originally gave me at the start. Of course the story would eventually get serious, but at the cost of the entertainment value I felt that it was a bit harmful to the overall tone. Hopefully what comes next will take us back to what we liked most about Young Avengers, though there’s a split chance for that given the surprise appearance at the end of the story.

Score: 8.0/10