Miss Fury #5 Review

Miss Fury #5

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Jack Herbert

Time travel has never been more engaging in time of war. Miss Fury remains that story which you try to grasp, yet enjoy as things become clear. I mean what you appreciate is that they talk about time travel so casually and emphasize that very little of it would make sense no matter how well it is explained.

Miss Fury and Schauburger’s dialogue is what really makes this story exciting. It’s like trying to talk to someone about something knowledgeable while that person just wants to blow stuff up. Of course that doesn’t stop Miss Fury from starting to question not only the concept of time travel, but just about everything that she’s doing. As someone who shoots first and asks questions later this is something different which adds much depth to someone who can seem trigger happy.

Schauburger really is an interesting character to have such an impact on this story. Being both that anchor to help us understand the story, and his unique life. One which if you were a fan of Doctor Who would find familiar. Clara Oswald, the impossible girl, lived the same way that Schauburger did and it’s funny how such an odd scenario can translate on paper. Really shows how well Rob Williams understands the concept of time travel.

This is an adventure that you would be crazy not to get into. Miss Fury makes time travel fun and it really doesn’t have to be something you initially take itnerest in off the bat picking up this book. It is one of the most unique pulp stories of Dynamite and you will see Marla’s wrath

Score: 8.2/10