Injustice Gods Among Us #35

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Tom Derenick

Something familiar, something intense, something emotional. All those things you felt in a short encounter which was inevitable since the minute Batman first betrayed Superman. This has always been about Superman’s supposed descent from what was the hero who stood for hope, hope for a better tomorrow. Again we’ve been hitting those points which inched him that much closer to the Superman we expect him to be and this was one of those defining moments.

This situation was handled so well seeing how Batman knew what was coming. As usual Tom shows his understanding of both characters to show just how they would react to each other and what kind of effect the strain on their relationship can have when tested. Once again you see how Batman is so easily able to get under Clark’s skin, and of course not the best move on his part. Like every other time he pushed Clark’s button in this book you can expect something shocking to come out of this which will leave you in a state of shock for what could possibly come next. Derenick’s dark tones really showed how far both have come to allow the other to really pull a victory so easily. You get that emotion and intensity from both the action displayed and expressions on their faces.

The best part about this book is that Tom is able to go from something big, and then condense it for something that is story driven. Putting characters together that he can work with and who can produce moments that spotlight them in a way that doesn’t come off as expected. While the outcome of this issue was something fans would find familiar, it is something which occurred in a way that throws you for a loop. Where much of the storyline progression you could plot out in your head, this one moment completely changes the game.

A solid issue and a smart executed encounter between Batman and Superman. It’s great to see everyone involved have some part in this story, but these two are the soul of the conflict and when they engage each other you know you will feel mixed emotions as you should.

Score: 8.9/10