Avengers Arena #15

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Kev Walker

Cullen has now unleashed what has been kept at bay in his soul for two years. Fighting Apex, Death Locket, and a giant Sentinel was one thing, but a Glartrox was more than any of them could handle. The intensity has been cranked up again and since the beginning, no one is safe.

Again I have to point out the excellent exploration of character from Dennis Hopeless. To be able to give you a reason to care about these heroes and show just how a twisted world such as this can twist them into something different. Bring the evil to light, show the conviction of the good, and show just what they’re fighting for if there is a reason at all. No senseless killing at all and the characterization is what sells the moment. He has taken a cast of 16 random young heroes and gave them some relevance even if not all of them will survive this game.

It was clearly predictable how this issue would end, but it didn’t stop Nara from really making a transition that you could appreciate. It’s been a slow transition since she first got rid of Kid Britain, but since then you notice that her from the start and now is like two different people. That is what you want to see when you consider the progress of this book and coming so close to the end.

The best thing about this series is that not only is the art done well, but so is the environment. It’s the one consistency which I notice that always impresses beyond the story. Everything from the Beach, sand, trees, and sea, detail was put into everything and it makes the book that much more visually appealing.

Great issue and what you’d expect from this book as we approach the conclusion. There will be loss and a lot of drama, that much has been delivered and what we should have in store for us being Boss Level. Now we can only question if they can all stay together and find a way out or turn against each other.

Score: 9/10