Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #30 Review

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #30

Written by: Joshua Fialkov
Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico

We have now reached the conclusion of Ultimates Disassembled. It takes till issue #30, but everything now makes sense. The one storyline in the Ultimate Universe which has probably caused you to scratch your head most now has some clarity to it. For those who want a peak as to what could be in store for them come Cataclysm, this is the book you should be following next to Hunger.

While the consistent mysteries which shrouded this story made it confusing for those who followed it, it was worth it for this final act. Sure we knew this was never the end which created some predictability, all questions were finally addressed and quite swiftly as well. Nothing confusing to understand and it all leads to what could be the end of the Ultimate Universe as we know it. As the villain Reed was the perfect choice. Not as someone driven insane or who had lost everything, but as someone who was doing something good with the best of intentions, yet came with the wrong approach. Him and future Sue trying to justify their means with what they deemed to be a more appropriate end. It’s that which was the center of conflict and made this exciting.

What I like here is that those affected by Galactus’ presence wasn’t selective. Everybody got a glimpse of what was, what is, and what is to come soon enough once Cataclysm begins. For a large cast, and one which continued to expand, Fialkov has a great handle on prioritizing moments where each of these characters show value. Thor, Tony, Nick’s team, they all had big parts and in this issue I say they stood out most among the rest. Tony in particular who I feel really brought something unique to the table in comparison to his 616 counterpart.

Though Carmine’s style of art is something to get used to, he does as well have a good handle at toppling multiple characters. This includes handling action sequences as well seeing as though there was a lot of it in this book. Sure the facial structures were a bit inconsistent, but it was good for what it is.

A very excellent peak at what we can expect from Cataclysm when it begins and a great end to this story despite some inconsistencies. This was a story worth telling if not for showing us the reason why the Avengers answer that call when the world is in danger. It’s not about going up against the biggest villain and showing them whose boss, it’s about rising to the occasion when they are that last line of defense. If there’s anything to take from this story it’s that in particular.

Score: 9.1/10