Infinity The Hunt #1 Review

Infinity The Hunt #1

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Steven Sanders

This is a story which should have taken place long ago. Not in this capacity, but in terms of addressing the growing number of young heroes there has been a neglect. Of course that doesn’t take away the fact that this is a start to a story with a lot of potential. They promised this kind of interaction between the schools at the end of Avengers Academy and as a service to fans this is something which could be better, and on a a larger scale as well.

For what it is this is an interesting plot that has been created. We’ve seen how most of the world has been affected by the Infinity event, so why not show it from the younger heroes perspective? This is again something great that Marvel NOW! brings to the table as an initiative. We get something different and we are also introduced to some new and possible relevant characters who can have some influence on future events in Marvel. What I liked most is that they did not choose the obvious heroes from each school because I do have to say I had some already in mind before they announced the schools and was shocked to see different selections. They still made sense too and there’s something about each of them that gives this plot potential.

The artwork of Steven Sanders is great, though the only concern I have at the moment is that he makes some characters look stiff. Mostly when it comes to motions and hair. Everything else is well done and his depictions of the characters is great.

As a tie in to Infinity this one is still odd, yet holds some value. We see how Wakanda is affected, Atlantis, and even the place where everyone is meeting. No one is safe which is something this event has proven in every book so far. We just have to see how Matt Kindt handles this cast because aside from Avengers Arena we haven’t had this many young heroes sharing the same book before.

Score: 8/10