X-Men #5

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: David Lopez

Chapter three of Battle of The Atom has commenced and lines have been drawn in the sand. Before now it was clear that majority wanted to send the young X-Men home, though now that decision comes into question. Coming into this crossover event we are awaiting to see that war between the X-Men over this, and now we see how that may come to be.

Kitty and Rachel are to the who stood out most in this issue. This story takes advantage of Rachels relationship with Storm in the adjectiveless X-Men, and Kitty’s attachment to the young X-Men in All New X-Men. These two conflicts in interest which create that wedge when everything seemed so one-sided against Jean and Scott to send them all home. It is a very fun adventure so far only being 3 issues in. Everyone has their role and there is a good balance in spotlighted all of them as the opportunity arises. It also helps that since the start of all these X-books they’ve all had some connection to one another.

The best thing so far is that we see how the relationship between Jean and Scott is something you can’t easily destroy. That was something most fans would have feared before when it seemed she had fallen for Hank, but that was very short-lived as Wood shows that Scott would do anything for her and has up to this point.

The only issue here is the inconsistency with the young X-Men looking their age. That’s not to say Lopez’s work isn’t well done because it really is, but again it would be nice to see them as they should which is their age. Beyond this Lopez is definitely at the top for style when it comes to the books that tie-in to this crossover event. What really looked great was the make-up of the Cerebro spike when in action. It shows just how different things are in the future compared to now.

Another great issue and this crossover event shows to have that pacing required to make readers want to pick up the varying books despite it being something many speak out for disliking the need to. Everything is coming full circle throughout the X-Men titles and no stone is left unturned as their progress holds some meaning to the effectiveness of this story.

Score: 8.7/10