Mighty Avengers #1

Written by: Al Ewing
Art by: Greg Land

And now we have the introduction of the Mighty Avengers. Off the bat this book proves that it is not majority black heroes for the sake of it. This is something new that Tom Brevoort wanted to do and that’s what I think Marvel NOW! is for. All throughout this initiative we have seen teams that are different from what we are used to. Al Ewing has certainly given us something new and different which is something to keep on your radar.

Marvel again is taking advantage of the storylines present by using this opportunity to launch a different kind of Avengers title out of Infinity. Something different that isn’t just another Avengers book. Luke cage quit the Avengers, did so for his family which is better of a reason than any other hero has presented who left. This is a new start, not just for him, but for everyone involved. While the Avengers are out saving the world in space, they are put into a position which is believable as one of the last lines of defense when Thanos’ lieutenants comes knocking.

My problem with the art is the same as everyone elses. There’s just nothing unique about it and I would have loved to see something that looked real, rather than copied or looking “perfect”. Monica really doesn’t have that familiar look of what fans were used to. Whether going for something different, it really doesn’t say “Spectrum” like she would have before.

Good start with a great introduction that fans can roll with. It’s a story worth sticking with even though the artwork of Greg Land is somewhat unappealing. This is a book with a lot of potential. Not just for doing something new, but the dynamics created with this team-up. Brevort has seemingly put a lot of thought into how these heroes interact with each other and how their personalities click or clash. If you really took the time to think about the cast he has chosen, you really do feel as though they are a team that comes together out of necessity when the other heroes are off in space. When considered you can believe they are those heroes who would stand up to fill in the roles of heroes when there aren’t any others to take the initiative.

Score: 7.9/10