The Spider #14

Written by: David Liss
Art by: Ivan Rodriguez

The Fly has made his move, and now he really has Wentworth’s attention. Getting Thee Fly out of the picture was one thing, but seeing how much of a danger he is now, the urgency has been set in place to reach that final engagement. It’s a fun story because up to now both sides have been full of surprises and David Liss makes sure that it’s those that you really don’t see coming from either.

While the fight was short-lived, the process of finding out a solution to The Fly took priority which was something interesting to follow. Given everyone helping Wentworth in the deductive discussion had something of value to add let you know just how skilled they are at what they do. Even to have stumbled across an arsenal which is right under Wentworth’s nose and it is something which will lead to a very intense fight if they decide to use anything they now have possession of. What I found humor in is how much it is emphasized that this pulp story has been brought to modern times. Referencing the armored suit from old movies to something as recent as Pacific Rim which hit theaters just a couple of months ago.

On the other hand, The Fly is very likable as a villain. Not because he’s twisted, but because he has fun with the role of one. This includes Eileen as well who takes much joy in her job as well. He has a very big ego and those such as herself just feed into it. It shows that David Liss does as well and allows more room for things to be done in which the read doesn’t feel like it’s something they’ve seen before or something they’d expect. He’s twisted and those who work for him are just as twisted if not more.

The one consistent factor in this book is how smooth the inking and coloring is. It gives it that touch of realism and it doesn’t hurt to have that use of highlights to create some depth too. The combination of these effects make certain features standout whether it be faces, designs or the environment around the characters.

Things are reaching that boiling point and both are making their move against the other in hopes of getting the job done soon. Wentworth is fighting an uphill battle and every time The Fly makes a move against him, things are just looking more grim for when things come to a close. We’ll see if he can dig himself out of this hole, but seeing him showcase that resourcefulness that he is known for is why we anticipate what comes next.

Score: 8.3/10