New Avengers #10 Review

New Avengers #10

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Mike Deodato

We now know what it is that has brought Thanos to Earth and why he’d take the fight once again to Earth knowing the outcome of his past attempts. For those who have read Thanos Rising, this may not come as much of a surprise that Thanos has a son, let alone one that he has come to kill. This is something he has done to all others in the past and this one is no exception. It’s shocking that Hickman would pull something so vital from his past to create this action from Thanos.

New Avengers continues to standout on its own and as a tie-in due to the secret dealings of the Illuminati and the personal tensions that threaten their intentions of saving the world from universal problems. It has to be emphasized that what goes on in New Avengers has nothing to do with Avengers in terms of what Thanos and the Builders want. They have no relevance to each other and that is what makes this story great. Hickman makes it clear that what it is that the New Avengers are trying to stop, being the incursions, is what has led the Builders to try to destroy Earth.

What you do get out of this very issue that stands out above all is a reminder of just how powerful Thanos is. To take out Black Dwarf with a single strike, not killing him, but putting him down with ease for his failure. That is how serious Thanos is about looking for his son and putting an end to him.

As usual, artist Mike Deodato delivers with his stunningly impressive capture of both the Illuminati and everything else as they search for Thanos’ son. Everything from how intimidating Beast looks, how powerful Dr. Strange looks, to the layout of the search for Thanos’ son. This including the very end as he can make things look so gloom and doom as the scene switches from normal to all red, indicating an incursion.

Score: 9/10