Venom #41 Review

Venom #41

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Jorge Coelho

The hunt for Mania has begun and now we have an idea as to why. She has quickly grown to be a character you like because she’s nothing like Flash. While Flash is a lot more reserved in his actions, Mania isn’t afraid to cut loose and does so while still having control, more control than he could ever manage. Cullen Bunn really made a character that has more fun with the idea of being used as a host to a symbiote and being a hero at the same time.

Though it took until now Cullen Bunn has finally addressed the relationship between Flash and the symbiote. Something I feel that was neglected and should have been pressed upon around the first time that Venom started acting out. It was a very welcomed meeting because you see just how protective Venom has been and despite how Flash reacts to Venom’s aggression, he really does everything with good reason. Something you could pretty much find convincing just from the fact that we have Mania now. Why it took till now for that to happen or even them to go to the Devil for answers is unknown, but overall it is about time.

The one issue I find is that the characters look stiff. Symbiotes are supposed to feel free and unhinged when they are shapeshifting and what not, yet you see mainly with Mania that her movements look stiff and boring. Seeing more freedom in their actions would make things a lot more appealing if there was someone who knew how to handle them. Aside from this, the facial features again look simplistic to the point that it’s distracting.

Score: 8/10