Thor God of Thunder #13 Review

Thor God of Thunder #13

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ron Garney

A new tale begins and it is one of such horrific nature as the Wild Hunt has been called. Here Jason Aaron takes us into the world of the Dark Elves, and the one who’s behind the troubles they face, Malekith. God Bomb was a very tragic story, yet this one proves to have as much merit to be as such too.

The way that this story is told is what makes Thor one of the better books out there at this time. To be able to capture that mythic nature that separates Thor from the rest and make his story taking places. Everything from the narration to being able to explore these different elements of Thor’s world that have been long forgotten or addressed in a way that new readers can follow. It sounds as if the story is being told and from two different perspectives and there is a great balance of past and present tense. With Thor: The Dark World approaching, it’s almost as if we are getting a deeper explanation as to what we can expect from the film.

The graphic nature of this is what really grabs you. This isn’t another superhero tale, it’s one of Norse mythology and things aren’t as happy as you’d think when dealing with gods. Starting with the small group of Dark Elves pulling a prison break for their master to the slaughter of that village, Jason Aaron has set the stage for an anticipated clash with a villain who means to do whatever it takes to bring back the glory he knew his people to have.

This was an excellent start to a new story and The Accursed shows potential to be just as memorable if not more than the previous story arc. Polished style, handle of gore, and the overall historic feel that makes this feel as though it’s an epic tale.

Score: 8.7/10