“FF” #12 Review

FF #12 Review

Written By: Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Lee Allred
Art By: Mike Allred

In a seamless transition from Matt Fraction’s scripting to Lee Allred’a, FF #12 continues to build towards the fantastical climax that has been promised since issue one. Along with the promise of more rad action and trippy visuals, comes touching character moments with Scott and Adolf Impossible, that speak to the delightful oddity that is this book.

Mike Allred sells the subtleties of Scott and Darla’s relationship as Scott tries to cope with the loss of his daughter and maintain a grasp on the chaotic Future Foundation. We get a sense that Darla understands Scott on a deep level, and simple body language when she enters his room as he awakens from the nightmare, reveals this.

Adolf Impossible’s struggle fitting in with the other FF kids is the heart of the series, as he strives for that innocent acceptance that “supervillains” were never given a chance at. This series is a real testament to the ability a friendship can have on shaping your destiny.

Dr. Doom is given more dialogue in this issue, dealing with Kang’s request to bring back the Fantastic Four so he can become the ultimate being. Fraction and Allred’s script brings out a new whimsical side in Doom that plays well for the series in a slightly comedic way.

FF #12 delivers on the heart, charm and intrigue that it has provided thus far. FF is the most consistently enjoyable and gleeful pleasure on the stands each month.

Score: 9.2/10