Shadowman #11 Review

Shadowman #11

Written by: Jim Zub
Art by: Miguel Sepulveda

Can Jack go it alone and protect his city from the legion of evils that haunt the Halloween night? Yes he can, and he did. Sure it was a bit cliche seeing how it’s Halloween and spirits try to run a muck, but Zub makes it a fun adventure since the way people would react to what Shadowman does is seen more as a spectacle than something to fear. In fact the people loved the so-called show he was putting on for them, especially the ladies.

Here we see how Jack’s parents debt is really affecting him. Not something he wanted or understands, yet he has the power and must do what he has to do to keep everyone safe. Seeing how Zub keeps putting on the pressure is what draws you into this story, you don’t know if he’ll be able to handle this responsibility, or just be a train wreck waiting to happen. Things haven’t gone his way and you feel that from the attitude that he carries around. You could tell that he was bothered from everything else that has happened to him, and on top of the fact that some random DJab decide to mess with him really pushed that button of his that was sensitive after his fight with Master Darque.

As crazy as things got in this issue, you love the festive look to it. Being in New Orleans, the streets are chaotic and Sepulveda covers that well, especially with the three guys who are having the night of their life. As a Halloween special it certainly made you feel as though it was, even if it is in actuality the start of October. The fights looked great and the mystic feel of it adds to the fact that he is almost like a reaper to some degree.

Overall great story which set Jack up with a new ally, supposedly, and served as an entertaining distraction from all that has occurred up to this point. If you are someone who finds they are on the fence about picking up this book, do so and read this as it’s a standalone story that’s perfect for new readers.

Score: 8.8/10