ACIV’s Adewale DLC Artwork Shown In Gamestop Promo

It was first revealed in June that Assassin’s Creed IV’s Season Pass will star Adewale, Edward Kenyway’s right hand man. New artwork spotted in Gamestop shows Adewale as an Assassin in the DLC.

Gamestop promos (via Facebook) of the game’s Season Pass artwork which shows Adewale donning the series’ trademark white hood and various weapons including an axe and what appears to be a 18th century blunderbuss. Behind him are two posts with chains attached which indicates the DLC will tackle slavery in some form.

The lore behind the character is that he escaped from slavery in Trinidad before joining Kenway’s crew on the Jack Daw.

Assassin’s Creed IV releases all throughout November to coincide with the launches of the PlayStation 4 in various territories and the Xbox One. The game is also coming to current-gen consoles and the Wii U.