Batwing #24 Review

Batwing #24

Written by: Jimmy Palmoitti and Justin Gray
Art by: Eduardo Pansica

Just another day in the life of the new Batwing! This issue gives us more of a focus on how Luke finds balance between his life as Batwing, and that of his own with his family and girlfriend. Nothing comes easy for anyone in the Bat Family, and Luke seems to be learning this the hard way. But the greatest trial for anyone like him is how he overcomes those obstacles.

What’s great is that Palmoitti and Gray treat Batwing like a new hero. Not throwing him into the next fight but preparing him for the life of a costumed fighter. What we get is Batman directing Luke to Italy to compete in a Mixed Martial Arts tournament. One in which he has a run in with Lady Vic and Charlie Caligula. Just another stepping stone for him as he wants to show he’s capable of handling someone as deadly as Lady Vic. He proves to be very tactical, and his gadgets are very unique. Fear toxin is not something you’d expect to be used so effectively by him. This alone shows how much potential both Luke and this story has when he brings something new to the table that you won’t see from the rest of the Bat Family.

I do have to point out how Palmoitti and Gray show off how smart Luke is. You forget how smart he is till you see his reaction to all the tech at his disposal to repair the Batwing suit. Not to mention he can do the repairs all by himself. Between the fight sequences and the one page in which Batwing uses infrared vision to search for Lady Vic looked well done. Maintains that gritty look while also having great use of shadows.

Score: 8.3/10