Mighty Avengers #2 Review

Mighty Avengers #2

Written by: Alasdair David Ewing
Art by: Greg Land

As a tie-in to infinity, this couldn’t have been a better time to bring in the Mighty Avengers. Alasdair Ewing understands superheroes and that is what you got out of this issue. With a world thrown into chaos, you want to see the best brought out in your heroes and the people who rise to the occasion when no one else will.

The one part that stood out most in this issue was seeing the people rally together when Proxima was handing it to the Mighty Avengers. Showing the strength of the people who they are trying to hurt, screaming “No Pasaran!” and best of all “Avengers Assemble!”. You would have wanted to hear this from Luke Cage, but the way this was handled was spectacular. Everyday people cheering on their heroes to get back into the fight, could you ask for any more than that? Luke Cage isn’t one to give up and he really took Proxima head on, wasn’t even aware of how strong she was till then.

It’s nice that we also have Blue Marvel introduced in the book now. Amongst all the fighting its good to see how he fits into this story. I mean the only problem I have at the moment is Uatu’s involvement, he really doesn’t add much of anything to scenes he steps into. His silence doesn’t cut it and unless he actually does something I think he is only ever in the way.

This was just excellent all around and it really set itself apart as one which displayed some traditional heroics. Fighting the bad guys, overcoming pain, having the people you’re trying to save cheer rather than run in fear. Things we haven’t seen in a long time and is very much appreciated under these circumstances.

Score: 8.7/10