Iron Man #16 Review

Iron Man #16

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Carlo Pagulayan

The end has come for the fight between Tony and 451 over the Godkiller. Expected more out of it than we got, but it doesn’t change the entertainment value of everything before. This issue just could have been done better and sadly fell flat where you thought this was all building to something bigger.

It was a bit disappointing to see how easily everything played out at the very end. It was very anti-climatic, seeing how intense everything had been up to this point. A lot of time I felt could have been put into that moment than Tony’s arrival back on Earth. This includes his talk with the Guardians, it was expected that there would be something more to that since it was said that he was keeping a secret from them. Yes it’s that he still has 451, but that was really about it. Maybe there’s more to what his family plotted with 451 to make sure his birth went right, but we’ll just have to see ad hope everything that occurred won’t be ruined by bad execution at the end.

The upside to this issue was finally seeing what led 451 down this path. It was the one moment I think was most necessary because you did feel some sympathy for him up to this point because things weren’t going his way, but you didn’t know what other horrors he committed to make this happen. This adds a lot of clarity to the plot and his intentions understood even though he is out of commission now.

Overall, The Secret Origins of Tony Stark is a great story. Had potential, was a fun adventure, and showed us a side of Tony which hasn’t been seen in a long while.

Score: 7.3/10