Hunger #3 Review

Hunger #3

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Leonard Kirk

We are on part 3 of Hunger and already we have but a taste of what Cataclysm has in store for us. The Ultimate Universe has lost the Chitauri Empire, the Kree Empire, and worst of all Captain Marvel as well. Galactus with his new heralds is laying waste to everything in his path and once again Fialkov shows us just how serious this situation is.

If this story was to show how important Rick is as the Watcher’s Chosen, Fialkov made that known. Since the start of Hunger he has been unsure of why he was chosen, questioning everything going on around him and everything he’s been doing. o an extent you could say he was very ignorant to what really happens in the Universe, getting that wake up call to do what he was chosen to do. Having Rick find out about Peter’s death as well was the best way to make a connection back to Earth. All this time he’s been gone things have happened, changed, and Galactus’ approach is one of many things to have gone wrong.

What’s the worst that can happen? Well we’ll just see about that with the conclusion of Hunger to come. This has been a very unique story, seeing characters who have been almost forgotten for a long time now. Characters that quickly became major players in an event that will determine the fate of the Ultimate Universe. Solid story and great art. Really makes you feel like this is a problem of galactic proportions. The bold colors, stars, the detail put into everything including the swarm. Kirk proves to be able to handle a lot going on in the same panel which made this that much appealing visually.

Score: 8/10