Eternal Warrior #2 Review

Eternal Warrior #2

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Trevor Hairsine and Clayton Crain

It’s time to clean up his mess. Gilad stepped down from being the Eternal Warrior, running away from his responsibilities, and you can only shun them for so long before there are consequences. Now he is met by his daughter who he’d rather not see, yet is trying to get him to be the man he gave up being so long ago. This book had an amazing start, and the second issue is no different in scope.

The transition from loving his job as the Eternal Warrior to his retirement because he fell out of love for the job he was chosen for. He learned what happens when you turn your back on your destiny. As a warrior destiny is very important, that much Greg Pak emphasizes. There’s a new war now and while his daughter, Xaran is the new champion, it doesn’t mean she’s fully capable of handling what he started. Bringing this fight to him has basically awakened feelings in him that he hadn’t felt since his last real fight. Seeing Xaran fight for her life, and that spark she has which he lost. Greg Pak really molded this into a warriors tale, one that doesn’t fail to

You really do see the change in art styles between Trevor Hairsine and Clayton Crain. Between the past when you see Gilad as the Eternal Warrior, to present time when he is not anymore. The style of the past looks like it is painted by Clayton, and the present is done in pencil. Though both are different, they equally capture the violent nature of this story. The blood, gore, carnage that Gilad leaves in his wake.

This issue is all about trying to restore that balance which puts the world at risk. Father and daughter now reunited because they were born to fight, they belong in the war zone, killing is almost all they know and it makes them feel alive. Though it comes with a twist Greg Pak has thrown that makes this a must book to all. The Eternal Warrior is going to take the fight to Earth herself. It’s one thing to break all the rules, and challenge death itself, but Earth? You sure as hell want to pick up this book and follow what comes next to see how this story plays out.

Score: 8.9/10