‘Magika: Wizard Wars’ Launches On Steam Early Access

Paradox Interactive has announced that Magika: Wizard Wars has joined the Steam Early Access Program. The announcement allows players to purchase and play an early version of the game before release.

Magika: Wizard Wars is an upcoming spellcasting PvP game from Paradox North, who hope to use Steam Early Access to shape the title around feedback and suggestions from the player base. PvP takes place between two teams of four wizards and they use a variety of spells to take out their enemies.

Battles are short, skill-based and revolve around thinking around your team mates as friendly fire will be in full effect. Paradox North hopes to emphasise teamwork and showcase how horribly wrong games can go when teams do not function as one.

There are three tiered packages available for purchasing during Early Access, all of them will include access to the Alpha, alongside something special that only early supported will receive. Players do not need to purchase Magika: Wizard Wars to play the game, but Early Access adopters will get a head start when playing the full releases in 2014.

There are also purchasable packages that contain player perks to powers of prestidigitation, bonus robes, in-game weapons, extra alpha invites, bonus games from Paradox, and even the chance to name an in-game imp.