Guardians of The Galaxy #7

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Sarah Pichelli

The time has come for any and all unfamiliar with Angela, to now know her story. Last issue the Guardians had their fight with her and won, just barely, but now she faces interrogation and they learn more than they expected. Heaven and Earth, myths to each and yet now are more real than ever. Bendis has now brought Angela into the Marvel Universe, one which has a lot in store for her.

As usual Guardians of The Galaxy continues to be that go to fun book. Even as the interrogated Angela, it wasn’t something taken all too seriously though being a serious situation. Shows how even as they are a team, they are still not the most uniform out there considering their methods. Either way, seeing Earth through Angela’s perspective is almost like being exposed to superheroes for the first time. Bendis has a way of conveying that sense of wonder and between the X-Men book and Guardians, it is very apparent amongst them. Allowing Guardians to still stand on its own while having some connection and influence on the events unfolding at this very moment.

Guardians of The Galaxy does what other books have neglected since the events of Age of Ultron. They are addressing the fact tat there is rips in space and time, the catalyst for everything going on right now. And the cliffhanger at the end of this issue shows that because Earth is the cause, the consequences are to follow soon.

Score: 8/10