Hunger #4 Review

Hunger #4

Written by:  Joshua Fialkov
Art by: Leonard Kirk

The road to Cataclysm begins with the end to Hunger. Rick Jones finally understands that he was chosen to be a hero and is now doing what he was meant to do this whole time, save the Universe. With Cataclysm soon approaching, this story made the events soon to transpire make sense.

One thing that Fialkov seems to be very good at is telling that story where the hero(s) rise to the occasion. That is what we saw here as Rick now took the mantle of Captain Marvel, or Mar Vehl. This was a well executed fight, one which took advantage of all that power Captain Marvel possessed. Seeing him push his powers to the limit to save as many of the innocents as possible, pulling off the biggest portal that he ever attempted to make before. Could have easily died, but he had that sacrifice to do whatever it took to make sure no more lives were lost that day. Very climatic moment that seems to carry through many of the Ultimate stories thus far.

This was an epic conclusion to Cataclysm, the catalyst to it as well given how he made his way to Earth. Great pacing for four issues and not once did it not forget to remind you of how dangerous both Galactus and the Gah Lak Tus swarm are. The art is great as well given how much Kirk had to handle with the swarm and just all the blasting and explosions going on all over the place, so much goes on in a single issue and you have to commend him for being able to pull off how great it looks. If you are a fan of the Ultimate Universe, and find yourself interested in the Cataclysm event, this mini series is a must buy.

Score: 9/10