Harbinger #17

Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Clayton Henry

The untold story from the events of Harbinger Wars. The missing part of the story that led us to the shocking twist at the end of the previous issue after learning that they in fact lost, but how? That much we found out and much more while getting a closer look at one of the kids involved who might play a bigger role than we think. Once again Dysart plays on the fact that things are never as they seem, and when dealing with psiots, anything can happen.

Monica I find to be very unique, not just for her age, but because of her ability. Something is just off about it and that is something you want readers to sit there and think of. To an extent you can say that she is the most creative psiot in terms of her powers and that is what Dysart wants you to take out of this. Having her in this story gave you that balance between something light and serious. Clayton Henry’s portrayal of Monica’s powers had a very cartoon look to it, made you sympathize with her knowing that she is just a girl and they want to control her this way, not that they really can as you’ll see.

For a while now there hasn’t been much focus on Harada, and found it cool to get a glimpse as to what makes him tick. Seeing how everything between the Harbinger War, Harbinger, and Bloodshot and The H.A.R.D. Corps has put stress on him immensely. Up to now you’ve only seen him as a god, yet even he has his weakness which Ingrid pointed out. Her perspective was the best to look at this from since she handles everything else that he does not and oversees what he himself does. Showing you that Harada is as much a danger to himself as he is to anyone and everyone around him.

This untold story was one worth telling. Not only to fill in missing gaps in this story, but give us a better understanding of what is going on at this moment. Everyone is being affected by the events occurring right now and that is the world which has been shaping around them since the start. Much to look forward to as the story continues to change hands. What are Harada’s plans for Peter? That’s something only time will tell.

Score: 8.5/10