Iron Man #17

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Carlo Pagulayan

Definitely the shocking conclusion to change Tony’s life as they said it would be. The Secret Origins of Tony Stark lives up to its hype as what will change his world forever. I mean you’d step into this story skeptical that something this is something Gillen could pull off, yet he did and everything leading up to the very end made this a story worth following. You can never really look at Tony Stark the same way after reading this and so many more answers spring up as to what comes next.

Even if you don’t fully understand Tony, this story I think turned out to be a fresh take on a hero that really felt like he was going nowhere. Not to overshadow how he became Iron Man, but this is something that really shocked many and see him now as more than just a man in a suit. Secrets run deep in his family, Reed Richards family as well, and it’s that which molded them into the heroes they are today. Of all the secrets that could be hidden from Tony, would you ever have believed that he was adopted? Let alone having a brother who he didn’t know existed till now? That is storytelling right there and a good way to explore more of Tony’s world, and Arno’s as well now that he is free to do what he was really created to do. So many opportunities to take advantage of their combined genius considering the direction the Marvel Universe has been taking.

From start to finish the art has really been outstanding. Consistent, detailed, everything mechanical looked very sleek and was just visually appealing to accompany a clever story.

If anything, this story will more than likely take us back to a Tony Stark that we are more familiar with. You are left with just as many questions as answers, and that is the best way to end a story like this. Didn’t need to go big, just needed to be something that would make us excited to pick up another Iron Man book. So much emotion poured into this and ended on a very heartfelt note, you couldn’t ask for anything more than that besides feeling shocked by the sudden revelation.

Score: 10/10