Venom #42 Review

Venom #42

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: George Coelho

The conclusion to Mania, a story which lives up to both the name of the arc and this new hero. This war with Venom, Mania, Crossbones, the DOA, and Mephisto has been a very exciting adventure. Bunn was really able to take advantage of what makes Venom a fun character, especially when in the hands of someone like Andi. She has been what makes this book worth following to the end and outshines Flash to an extent.

What this issue delivered on was letting both Mania and Venom let loose. Up till now it has always been about having control over each other and not giving in to their violent natures because of Crossbones putting their backs against the wall. It was them realizing they really had to fight back that made this entertaining. Even if it still could be better, it was good for what it is. They aren’t perfect, though as two people wearing the most dangerous entity on Earth, they make a very badass tag team. You just don’t toy with broken people and Bunn made sure that much they made Crossbones and DOA realize by the end of the fight.

As much as I liked the ending to this story, the art still brought it down. Great at times, but most of the time it was either, sloppy, rushed or just unappealing. This goes for the faces of the characters and their movements which looked very stiff for symbiotes.

This may be the end, though sadly it’s time has come. Hopefully if this story continues in a different capacity Mania is the main character, but after what Mephisto let them with, there’s still reason for this story to be given another chance. With a better artist definitely, that much I’m sorry to say but George Coelho hasn’t done much good for this book since coming in on art.

Score: 7.9/10