Uncanny Avengers #13 Review

Uncanny Avengers #13

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Daniel Acuna

The final confrontation grows near! And everyone is in on the action. From Avengers to X-Men they all have something they’re fighting for even if they share the same enemy. Remender continues to emphasize that conflict of interest which is what makes this story so engaging. Many perspectives of the mutant issue and that is something which has always stirred up trouble in the worst ways. No one is safe when they are all willing to do what it takes to see things end the way they want.

What remains consistent here is that grim atmosphere that Remender creates. No one is really holding back and has little need to when the other is just as willing to kill them for standing in the way. It’s that dedication that each have that is the driving force for this story. Influencing their actions, reactions, and pushing them to do things that are pretty out of character for them. Wasp, Rogue and Wanda are examples of how this conflict can twist you or define who you really are at heart.

The only problem I see is that some things do feel forced, especially Wasp and Havok’s relationship. You get that she’s trying to move past Pym, but throwing her back into someone else’s arms after she returns seems rushed. And she’s doing just what Wanda did at the very beginning which was making him feel like he’s the one in charge. Aside from this, it was also unnecessary for Havok to be having such a hard time dealing with Banshee knowing that Horsemen are a shell of who they once were, they don’t think like they did when they were alive.

Things are reaching their boiling point overall. Loyalties in question, questionable actions to expect, and there’s still that one death they have been hyping up which could be anyone right now. Everything has led to this upcoming issue having Rogue Vs. the Scarlet Witch. Since the beginning they have represented to sides of the same coin and now we await to see what happens when one of them finally decides to take action against the other, that being Rogue who isn’t all too appreciative of anyone who’s not with them.

Score: 8/10