Young Avengers #11

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Jamie Mckelvie

The final confrontation grows near! And now the stage has been set for the Young Avengers to take the fight to Mother. They’ve been running for the longest time in fear of what Mother is capable of, yet when their exes are involved, along with the kidnapping of Hulkling, the time for running is over. Gillen has had a steady build up to this moment and despite some slow climbs it has been worth it for what they are attempting as their big move.

It’s great that some attention has come back to Loki, in general he is basically the star of this book. Since the New York Comic-Con announcement we have all been wondering just how Loki of all people would end up getting his own series, let alone his new look as he’s older. That much is addressed very fast as he attempts one of his tricks yet again by asking Billy to make him older. You do also wonder why Gillen is holding back though in terms of the other Loki toying with his mind. This was something you hoped from the first issue that you’d see more of, yet that has been neglected. Aside from this it’s great to now see some sense of urgency as to the situation they face. Not once have I really felt that they were in any real danger till this point. That much hurt this story even as they were jumping through dimensions.

The design for Loki’s new costume looks interesting to say the least, and it’s nice to see those subtle changes in the others appearances as well. As a whole the art remains the biggest constant which is a plus.

Overall this issue makes you very excited for what’s to come. As Young Avengers you figure that there would be more interaction with other young heroes all over. That much you see as Prodigy called up pretty much every known and active young hero available for the final conflict. Which would also lead to the eventual “Afterparty” issue #15. So many answers revealed throughout, though the only fear that remains is hoping that too many heroes involved doesn’t hurt the impact of the end.

Score: 7.9/10