Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Dave Marquez

Everything that has gone wrong in Miles life since becoming Spider-Man has led to this very moment. The loss, the struggle, the revelation of truths he had to deal with, and now forming a team that has a hell of a lot of potential. The conclusion to “SPIDER-MAN NO MORE” was very exciting and again you are left with the feeling of what’s great about being a superhero.

While concluding the first chapter in Miles life as Spider-Man once again, Bendis gave a lot of closure while setting up for the next story to come. Up to now you had a very good understanding of who it is that makes up this new team, and so much more was seen here as they were pushed just a bit further as to what makes them tick. They were all pretty much on edge and all Bendis had to do was set them up with that one catalyst for what ruined their lives. Roxxon was a brilliant villain, not because of his wealth and influence, but because without powers he could do so much damage to these kids just by mentally digging into their psych. All of them were prepared to have their revenge, yet none ready to hear the truth from the person who hurt them most.

This issue looked great. Clean, great use of the color tones, and the layout of the fights was well enough to display the potential their dynamic had. It’s as if they were meant to be a team and having that one goal in mind kept them on the same page. Whatever comes next, you want to be reading this book. There is fun to be had in being a superhero, and they felt that while getting their retribution. That’s not including the emotion put into this, especially seeing Miles finally make up with Ganke, those two really made the book fun when they were friends.

Score: 9/10