Justice League Dark #24 Review

Justice League Dark #24

Written by: J.M. DeMatties
Art by: Mikel Janin

The stakes really have never been higher, and that means that this Brotherhood of Mutants is willing to go above and beyond to have their way. Another book that deals with the fallout of the Justice League(s) losing to the Crime Syndicate at the end of Trinity War. It only makes sense that Constantine would be the center of this story considering that he was one who was supposedly unaffected by Pandora’s Box, as it seemed.

Up to now, just about anyone could say that this version of Constantine was pretty two-dimensional. You knew what he does and that nobody trusts him, yet you never know the real reason why. There hasn’t been that dig into his psych and what really makes him tick to take the attitude has towards everything good. Now we see that the real problem is that Constantine really just has a problem seeing the true nature of evil in the world. How it grows, spreads, corrupts, in general seeing where everything has gone wrong. It’s a revelation that only he can understand knowing that he doesn’t believe in the good that “capes” fight for.

It was a solid issue with a focus on Constantine, though I wish there were a bit more to it overall. Visually stunning, and gave that characterization if his character that he deserved for a while, but beyond that I want to see more of a connection to what he has to do in order to fight back against the Crime Syndicate for his team. Maybe that is what he and the Healer are working towards, but even then it seems pretty vague as to what their intent is.

Score: 7.7/10