Wolverine & the X-Men #37

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ed Mcguinness

The stakes really have never been higher, and that means that this Brotherhood of Mutants is willing to go above and beyond to have their way. Part 8 does a lot to progress this story while addressing key issue that have been neglected up to this point. Addressing the changes between past X-Men and their future selves, and of course Scott and Wolverine going at it again. While necessary, it would have been smart to have these future X-Men weigh in on the issue, someone should be telling the present X-Men who is right.

One thing you have to give it Jason Aaron is being able to handle this many X-Men on the same pages. So much dialogue and ground to cover as we near the end of this event. It is a big risk knowing that for some people it may be hard to read with so much text between them all responding to each other. More so it was a lot of arguing that really got them no where. With that said the action was on point to say the least. Even though you knew the Brotherhood was beat, they still were able to put up a good fight, and one believable enough to set their next plan into motion.

What really held back this issue was the inconsistency with the art. So much went right, yet that alone made it hard to say this issue was as great as it was. I mean to an extent it almost looks as if some panels like Quentin meeting himself.

With the Brotherhood’s Plan A squashed, and turning to their far more sinister Plan B on the grounds of the X-Men’s first clash with Magneto, things have quickly taken a turn for the worst. If that is what they consider tough love, then their future must really be as bad as they make it seem. I mean we saw Dazzler die, but that was about it.

Score: 7.8/10