The Occultist #2 Review

The Occultist #2

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Mike Norton

The Occultist really knows how to show what it means to wield the power of the mystic arts. We have seen what responsibility comes with being the Occultist, and now we see what freedoms comes with having that power at his disposal. Tim Seeley really emphasizes this and the best way to do this is to show us those who have no responsibility to the powers they possess. He’s an ordinary young adult dealing with average issues like love and purpose, and that plays into a lot of what occurs here due to trying to find that balance.

This trio of Catholic school students who dabble in the occult take us and Rob on a fun adventure that in every way was out of this world. This issue looked absolutely stunning as well capturing the various settings they find themselves in as astral spirits. When it is said that they’re looking for the ultimate high, that was very literal. Every person who dabbles in the mystic arts has some sort of source for their power, and you would really be surprised to learn what it is. To some extent you are left thinking of the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” at the end of this issue. Of course this will all lead to something that goes wrong because what they do is very risky considering where the get their “high” from and what they do in order to achieve it.

With this said, I do have to say I’d really like to see something happen with Mr. Charles soon considering he has been in pain for some time now and I’d hate for that to drag on. There’s more questions surrounding him at the moment than anything else.

This was a solid issue that really just shows the stress that being the Occultist has had on Rob and what he is willing to do to relieve himself of it. Even to go so far as do what these students are doing knowing good well that everything about it is wrong. Just another day in the life of Rob Bailey and a lot of this is supposed to be personal exploration along with the progression of harnessing this new power.

Score: 8.4/10